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Over the years, we've earned a solid reputation for our distinctive results and trustworthy work.  Our clients often tell us how much they appreciate our personalized attention, our design insight, our commitment to clear and ongoing communication, and our attention to detail. We are very proud of this reputation.

Here are some of the things our customers have said about us:

startquotes.gif (905 bytes) I appreciated the extensive planning time before construction.  That was one of the factors in choosing Washtenaw Woodwrights. endquotes.gif (906 bytes)

--B.H., Ann Arbor

 startquotes2.gif (907 bytes) The window design decisions were completed during the first meeting with Bruce.  This was just another indication to us of how organized and efficient the project would be.  Security was a primary concern to us.  Once the project was started, we never had cause to be worried about security. endquotes2.gif (908 bytes)

--D.G., Ann Arbor

startquotes3.gif (908 bytes) I actually called you by mistake, but I’m glad it happened.  I’m impressed by attention to detail….I’m very pleased.  I’m receiving many compliments.  Strangers come regularly to inquire. endquotes3.gif (906 bytes)

            --P.T., Ann Arbor

startquotes4.gif (909 bytes) I’m picky about workmanship and design.  That’s why we like your work so much. endquotes4.gif (909 bytes)

--M.A.C., Ann Arbor

startquotes2.gif (907 bytes) We appreciate the quality of your work and we love the room—and so does everyone else who sees it. endquotes2.gif (908 bytes)

--D.D.Y.& L.W., Ann  Arbor

startquotes.gif (905 bytes) Garrett has been super!  You had my complete confidence.  I felt safe with your firm….The deconstruction of our old kitchen was done while taking into account our comfort….The subs were excellent.endquotes.gif (906 bytes)

--B.B., Ann Arbor

startquotes3.gif (908 bytes)…our lead carpenter…came to seem like one of the family. He was very considerate of our welfare.  He always let us know when he would be there and when not so we were never kept wondering.   He contributed good ideas about how to minimize intrusion into our living space.  We liked him very much.endquotes3.gif (906 bytes)

--K. & N. M., Ann Arbor

startquotes2.gif (907 bytes) Thank you so much for making our bathroom into such a special room!   We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your care while you were a part of our home. endquotes2.gif (908 bytes)

            --N .& M.J.T., Ann Arbor

startquotes4.gif (909 bytes) Thank you for a wonderful job at our house.  The quality of your work and the spirit in which you did it was, and is, a pleasure to see.  We look forward to working with you again. endquotes4.gif (909 bytes)

--S.S., Ann Arbor

startquotes3.gif (908 bytes) I found that your staff showed up when they said they would, cleaned up the premises fully, paid attention to details in their workmanship and seemed genuinely concerned with doing a good job.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. endquotes3.gif (906 bytes)

            --B.Z., Ann Arbor

startquotes.gif (905 bytes) Thanks very much!  I am enjoying the kitchen tremendously.  It’s been a real accomplishment and source of pleasure for me. endquotes.gif (906 bytes)

            --C.T., Ann Arbor

startquotes3.gif (908 bytes) We found the pre-construction meetings to be very helpful and soothing, in terms of making us feel comfortable about the  remodeling….It was quite a pleasure to work with you, and we are quite happy with the finished product.endquotes3.gif (906 bytes)

            --G. & R.A., Ann Arbor

startquotes2.gif (907 bytes) Bruce is patient with me at the beginning of the project when a lot of decisions have to be made.  It is well known that I am a bit picky and I very much appreciate that Bruce too is picky and always delivers a perfect (or near perfect) job. endquotes2.gif (908 bytes)

            --G.R., Ann Arbor